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DIY Holiday Centerpiece

With the holiday season upon us, we at Allen and James wanted to give you all a few tips to make a festive centerpiece to give your tables that extra holiday cheer. Centerpieces can be a daunting thing when thinking about it, but they are simple when you break it down.

Our master gardener Pam Rogers at our plant store, Fiddle Figs, gave some insight into bringing your centerpiece visions to life. Her favorite plants for the holiday season include Poinsettias, Amaryllis, and Paperwhites, which she then pairs with fresh wreaths, greenery, moss, and Holly Berries. The pairing of the flowers' colors and the greenery's rich green bring that holiday spirit to your table.

Using a Wreath as the base for your centerpiece is a great way to start your centerpiece. It gives your centerpiece structure. You can then take your pick of flowers to place in the center of the wreath. The bold colors of both the Poinsettia and the Amaryllis are two great options for the wreath center. Finally, add some ribbons, candles, and ornaments to accent the wreath for some extra sparkle.

For those wanting to keep their centerpieces in a vase, the use of preserved mosses and Oasis makes for the perfect design trick. Being very absorbent, Oasis helps hold all your greenery in place while being a water source, maximizing your greenery clippings' life. The preserved moss helps cover the Oasis, helping keep the natural organic look alive in your centerpiece. Adding Holly Berries give your centerpieces a pop of festive color.

We are so excited for the holidays and are happy to help you create a centerpiece for this holiday season. Make sure to see Pam at Fiddle Figs for your centerpiece materials and more tips.

Happy holidays from the Allen and James Team.

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