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High Point Design Oasis

We have been selected to participate in the High Point Furniture Market's Design Oasis. Allen & James Interiors, along with three other designers, have been designing an outdoor oasis for the last few months. Our space will be located at the outdoor promenade in front of the showplace building. We have curated fantastic pieces from some of our favorite vendors to transport you into a relaxing private oasis. 

There will be a designer meet and greet Saturday, June 5th, and Sunday, June 6th at noon ET at the Center Stage, along with food trucks – so bring your friends and see the space we created. 

We were also featured in the High Point Market's "All Eyes on Outside" article discussing how covid has affected the outdoors. We are so excited to have this fantastic opportunity. See the article linked (here)


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Patti Allen and Stephanie James have more than 25 years of experience designing and decorating the finest homes for the nicest people.